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Virtual reality to train the new DWB recruits

DWB sees 3D printing and virtual reality as new means to help design, build and deploy even faster.

We have created a virtual 3D space that allows people who are going to intervene in the field to familiarize themselves with in advance with the specifics of their work environment and therefore be operational much more quickly.


New technologies serving medical humanitarians

Earlier this year, MSF partnered with the design firm Pyxis to test out the technology, creating a model of a hospital the group set up in the Philippines in 2013 to help during the recovery from Typhoon Haiyan.

In addition to creating a 3D model, Pyxis also built a game engine that allowed staff to walk through the mock hospital in virtual reality. While the first trial took four months to complete, both groups believe the process will only accelerate with more experience.

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