Yvon Frongillo

Agile developer

Yvon is a multidisciplinary person and a self-learner. Holding a doctorate degree in physics, he worked as a researcher for more than 10 years studying the effect of radiations on cells by the Monte Carlo simulation to understand and improve their therapeutic usage. Since then, he reoriented his carrier in software development working for a consulting company where he played the role of analyst, architect, and project manager. His quest for better approaches in software development management brought him to Agile methods. It is in this context that he joined Pyxis in 2008. Since then, he has been working in software development teams using the .NET C# framework as well as the Scrum framework. More recently Yvon has contributed on different projects playing the role of Scrum Master allowing him to improve his skills with agile practices and in particular with the Scrum framework.

I work at Studio Pyxis because we are given the right to be wrong and a generous interpretation is used when we are given feedback that is difficult to receive.

—   At Studio Pyxis since 2008